Support Bundles

System and configuration information is collected in support bundles which can be sent to DataCore Technical Support in order to analyze and diagnose issues.

For ease of use, we recommend creating the support bundle automatically in the DataCore Management Console whenever possible. In the event that the DataCore Management Console is not accessible, or the DataCore Executive Service is unavailable, then create the support bundle using the command line interface.

To automatically upload support bundles (without the DataCore Support Bundle Relay), Internet access and firewall access through port 3793 is required on all servers in the server group; otherwise the support bundles can be manually transmitted.

  • Support bundles cannot be collected or uploaded while configuration files are being backed up.
  • During the collection of support bundle files, logging in the Event Log will pause and messages in the Event Log will be temporarily unavailable until the collection is completed, then logging will resume. During support bundle collection, a message in red will be displayed in the Event Log that logging is paused.
  • Data in the support bundle is recorded in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).