Snapshot Details

Information is collected for each snapshot virtual disk and displayed in a Snapshot Details page. (A summary for all snapshots created from a virtual disk can be viewed in the Virtual Disk Details page>Snapshot tab.)

The status of the snapshot is displayed under the snapshot icon at the top of the page, along with basic information such as size, type (differential or full snapshot), snapshot point (Point in time of when the snapshot was created or last updated), snapshot source (the virtual disk used to create the snapshot), and storage profile.

Snapshot name and description can be changed at the top of the page by clicking Edit. When changes are made, click Done.

Linear bar graphs display the percentage complete for:

  • Migration map displays the migration of data from the source virtual disk to the snapshot.
  • Delta map is a record of the differences between the source virtual disk and the snapshot.

To open the details page for a snapshot:

  1. In DataCore Servers panel or Hosts panel, click on the snapshot.

    Snapshot details page can also be opened from any virtual disk list by right-clicking and selecting View Details.

  2. In the details page, information is organized under tabs (see following table). Click on a tab to view the information.

When the Snapshot Details page is active, the Snapshot Actions tab appears in the Ribbon. See Snapshot Operations.

Snapshot Details Tabs

Info tab

Provides general information about the snapshot, such as server, host access, host name (if served), storage source information (information for pools includes name, amount allocated, and pool status. Information for pass-through disks includes the disk number, and disk status as reported by Windows operating system), source virtual disk (the virtual disk that the snapshot was created from)

Click on the Source Disk field to view the details page for the source of the snapshot.


Allows updating the Encryption and Compression properties of the snapshot.

Paths tab

Lists paths when the snapshot is served to a host.

The following path attributes can be viewed or changed:

  • Initiator and target ports used in front-end paths (between hosts and DataCore Servers).
  • Path connection state and whether the path is enabled or disabled (see Enabled column) is displayed.
  • LUN and access mode (Read/Write or Read Only) can be changed.
  • Paths can be manually added (if sufficient ports exist) or removed, and designated as preferred.

Refer to Port Connections and Paths and Modifying Paths for more information and instructions.

Owned By

Lists the owners of the virtual disk. Ownership determines which users have rights to perform operations on the virtual disk. See Access Control.

Performance tab

Displays real-time performance measurements for the snapshot. See Live Performance.

Events tab

Lists events for the selected snapshot. Click an event in the list to view details in the Message Text area at the bottom of the tab. See Event Log and Alerts.