Email Notification Settings

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Configuring SMTP settings

Changing SMTP settings

Configuring SMTP Settings

Tasks can be configured to alert users for events such as when pool thresholds have been reached or warnings are received from System Health Monitor. See Automated Tasks.

In order to send email notifications, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings must be configured for the outgoing mail server and logon account information must be entered. Recipient email addresses can be entered when the user is registered or can be added later in the User Details page.

SMTP outgoing mail server and logon account information must be configured.

To configure SMTP settings:

  1. In the Task Details page>Settings tab, under SMTP Settings, enter the following email account information:
    1. In Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) area:
      1. In Server address, enter the address of the SMTP outgoing mail server.
      2. In TCP Port, the default TCP port number of 25 is standard and should be correct for most cases. Change the number if necessary.
      3. To use SSL encryption, select the use secure connection check box.
    2. In the Logon Account area:
      1. In Sender email address, enter the email address for DataCore SANsymphony email notifications. This is the email address which will appear as the sender of the email notifications.

        DataCore recommends creating a dedicated email account to use for the sender.

      2. In User name and Password, enter the email logon account and password for the email address.

        If a user name is not entered, the connection to the email server will be anonymous.

      3. In Test email address, enter the destination email address in order to test sending the email.
      4. Click Send test email to test. A test email will be sent from the sender to the destination email address. A confirmation message will appear with the delivery status of the message.
  2. Click Apply.

Changing SMTP Settings

To change the email settings:

  1. In the Task Details page>Settings tab, in the Email Notification Settings area, select the field to change and re-enter the information. All fields must have entries in order to apply the changes.
  2. Click Apply.