Resetting Link Error Counts

A link error occurs when the communication link is "broken" for any period of time when the Fibre Channel port is logged in. When a link error occurs, a system monitor will indicate that the port has link errors and an alert will be posted in System Health and Event Log. In addition, the appropriate server SCSI port performance counters will increment. After the link error is corrected, the link error count is not automatically reset. Counters will increment until the server restarts or the port is re-initialized.

The Reset Link Error Counts operation will reset all six SCSI port performance counters to zero without restarting the server or re-initializing the port:

  • Total CRC Errors
  • Total Link Failures
  • Total Loss of Signal Errors
  • Total Protocol Errors
  • Total Synchronization Errors
  • Total Transmission Errors

To reset the link error count:

  • In the DataCore Servers panel, right-click on the Fibre Channel port and select Reset Link Error Counts.