Post-Processing Deduplication

In DataCore Post-Processing Deduplication, data is written to the disk and then optimized (deduplicated) on the disk. Post-Processing Deduplication runs in the background at low priority and has minimal impact on application I/O.

The DataCore Deduplication tool creates deduplication pools in DataCore SANsymphony that leverage the proven capabilities of the Data Deduplication feature. Virtual disks created from these pools will be deduplicated on a schedule configured automatically by the tool. DataCore Deduplication extends the benefits of deduplication beyond the Windows operating system to any file system type while providing the advanced data services of DataCore SANsymphony. The deduplication pool is created from an existing DataCore SANsymphony disk pool, referred to as the "storage source pool".

The Deduplication tool runs independently from the DataCore Management Console. The tool can be run locally on one server in a group or from a remote DataCore Management Console. The DataCore Deduplication Console is the user interface for the tool and can be used to create and manage deduplication pools on all servers in the server group.

DataCore Post-Processing Deduplication should not be used in conjunction with DataCore Inline Deduplication and Inline Compression.

The Deduplication tool requires DataCore SANsymphony 10.0 PSP 2 or later and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system or later (provided that the operating system version is supported by this software.) In addition, the Data Deduplication role must be enabled under File and Storage Services. (Refer to Microsoft documentation for more information about roles.)