Importing Foreign Pools

The Import option allows a foreign pool (a pool not recognized by the server) to be used by the DataCore Server. This option is enabled when a pool state is foreign. A foreign pool is one reason when a pool would be designated with a warning in the DataCore Servers panel.

For example, if physical disks containing pools are moved from one DataCore Server to another, when discovered on the new server, the pools will be marked as Foreign. (See Disk Pool Status.)

To import a foreign pool:

  1. In DataCore Servers panel, right-click the foreign pool and select Import.
  2. After a brief delay, a message will appear that the system has discovered virtual disk sources that have no corresponding virtual disks and virtual disks will be automatically created for them. Click OK to proceed.
  3. The auto-generated virtual disks will be created with the original name and size, and the pool can be used.