Disk Pool States

Disk Pool State is displayed at the top of the Disk Pool Details page or on the Disk Pools tab on details pages for servers, hosts, and ports.

Possible Disk Pool States:

  • Deletion pending:The pool is in the process of being deleted from the configuration.
  • Foreign: A pool has been detected that contains disks not previously known by the existing disk or registry information. This may occur when disks are moved between servers. Use the Import Pool command in order to use the pool.
  • Initializing: The pool is initializing after a computer shutdown or restart.
  • Off-line: The pool is present, but one or more physical disks in a pool are failed or missing. Try to manually rescan the ports to find the missing disks. Check for loose cable connections. See Removing Physical Disks from Pools and Purging Physical Disks to Repair Failed Pools.
  • Pool Full: There are no available bytes (free space) in the disk pool. Add disks to the pool.
  • Redundancy Failed: A shared disk pool has a status of Running or Missing disks on one server and Off-line, Initializing, Foreign, or Unknown on another server that is sharing the disk pool.
  • Running: The pool is active, healthy and functional.
  • Unavailable: The pool is not present because the connection to the DataCore Executive Service (Dcsx.exe) has been lost. This status could also occur under certain circumstances if the pool has virtual disks and access has been lost to all physical disks in the pool.
  • Unknown: The pool is not present and status cannot be determined.

Possible Pool Mirror States

The disk pool mirror status is reported in the Mirror State field in the Disk Pool Details page>Physical Disks tab.

  • Healthy: The disk in the pool mirror is healthy and operating normally.
  • In recovery: The disk in the pool mirror is in the process of synchronization.
  • Recovery pending: A new pool mirror disk has been detected and synchronization should start momentarily.
  • Removing: A pool mirror is in the process of being removed from the pool.
  • Unknown: The disk is not present and the status is unknown.