Getting Started with DataCore Cmdlets

DataCore Software brings the features and functionality of DataCore SANsymphony Software-defined Storage Platform to the Windows PowerShell command line interface.

DataCore Cmdlets for Windows PowerShell Support is installed as a component of DataCore SANsymphony software and has over 150 cmdlets so that administrators can manage DataCore SANsymphony software in a command line or scripting environment. This feature is supported for use with any DataCore Server running the same version of the software. The software component can also be installed on hosts or computers used for remote management running the DataCore Management Console.

After installation of the cmdlet component, a desktop shortcut is provided to open a Windows PowerShell command line interface to use when running the DataCore Cmdlets. When the shortcut is used to open a Windows PowerShell window, no additional configuration is necessary to run the cmdlets. In order to run from a window that is not opened from the shortcut, additional configuration will be required. See Cmdlet Configuration for details.

The verb-noun cmdlet structure and syntax used in the cmdlets is consistent with the generic Windows PowerShell naming conventions and syntax. Each cmdlet name will consist of this format: Verb-DcsNoun. The “Dcs” in front of the noun identifies the cmdlet as a DataCore cmdlet. With few exceptions, most verbs used in cmdlet names are standard verbs. Most cmdlets return .NET Framework objects that can be used as input in other cmdlets. Errors from invoking cmdlets will appear in the window in red.

The entire list of DataCore Cmdlets can be displayed by invoking the cmdlet:

Get-Command –module DataCore.Executive.Cmdlets

The Cmdlet Help, with parameter descriptions and examples with output, can be displayed by invoking the standard Get-Help cmdlet with this syntax:

Get-Help <Cmdlet-Name> –full

In order to perform any actions using the cmdlets, a connection must first be made to a server using the Connect-DcsServer cmdlet. After the connection is made, the server can be used to manage any servers in the same server group.

See the Cmdlet Operation Concepts and Cmdlet Terminology for important notes.

This documentation and use of the DataCore Cmdlets assumes that the audience consists of proficient Windows PowerShell command line interface users who are also proficient with the features and functions of DataCore SANsymphony software. Refer to Microsoft Windows documentation for more information on using Windows PowerShell.

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