Virtual Machine Settings

Setting a Hypervisor Host for a DataCore Server Running in a VM

When DataCore SANsymphony software is running on virtual machines which are running on a hypervisor host (such as ESXi or Hyper-V), the hypervisor host must be identified on the DataCore Server virtual machine. This setting allows virtual machines running DataCore SANsymphony software to create virtual disks from local storage resources and serve them directly to any of the hypervisor hosts in the group to use as storage.

In this case, the hypervisor host is registered as a host in the server group. The DataCore Server virtual machine creates disk pools from local disks made available through physical hard disk (Hyper-V) or Raw Device Mapping (non-Windows Server based operating system from the local host. The DataCore Server can create virtual disks using the local pools and serve them directly to the hypervisor host.

This setting is not necessary when the DataCore Server is serving virtual disks to itself.

To set the hypervisor host:

  1. Open the DataCore Server Details page for the virtual machine running the software.
  2. In the Settings tab, select the Hypervisor host from the drop-down box or select None to remove the hypervisor host.
  3. Click Apply.